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Storage and disclosure of your medical data

Personal data means details about personal or factual circumstances about your identity or the identity of the patient. This includes information about your name, address, telephone number, email address, and especially the condition of your health and location. This data, and especially the associated medical data, are especially worth protecting.

The protection of this personal data is of great importance to fly me home GmbH. It is why we apply special standards to our treatment of medical data. As a patient, you can trust that no unauthorized parties will have access to your data. The personal data you provide will only be used to process your case.

We only pass data on to third parties if they are directly involved in processing your case, such as the transporting airline. Neither we nor third-party providers will use the data for advertizing purposes.

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If you are entering the data for third parties, you are also declaring that you are authorized to provide this information and to act in the interest of the patient.

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